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Cell Phones

From the 2011 Horizon Report:

School Cell Phone Policies are Changing in Delaware
(Lisa Cleveland, Wilmington K-12 Examiner, 31 August 2010.) This piece discusses how some K12
schools in Delaware are relaxing policies allowing students to bring cell phones to school, but have to
keep them in their lockers during the day. While still restrictive, this shows administrators are becoming
more flexible with these devices.

Classroom Cell Phone Acceptable Use Policy
(Burrell School District, Burrell School District Blog, May 2010.) This is an example of one K12 school’s
cell phone policy in the Burrell, Pennsylvania School District.

A 21st Century Global Acceptable Use Policy for Schools
(Liz Kolb, From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning: A conversation about integrating student cell phones into classroom curricula.)
This blog poses an example of an acceptable use policy that allows teachers to determine whether to use the phones in class or not.

ARP Schools Electronic Devices Policy

Responsible and Acceptable Usage Policy for Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
Papillion-La Vista South High School

Prince George's County Public Schools
Code of conduct for students outlining their cell phone policy (pg 19, sec 1:14)