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Cell Phones

Educators: How to Get Your School Onboard with Poll Everywhere - http://blog.polleverywhere.com/educators-how-to-get-your-schools-on-board-wi

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Hear Liz Kolb, author of From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning
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Mobile Devices in Education
(Liz Kolb., From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learnin: A conversation about integrating student cell phones into classroom curricula.)
This site provides several apps and suggestions for use in the instructional program.

This app publishes real time text messages to a computer screen. Read about it in
Cell Phones in the Classroom? Wiffiti Says Yes by the School Library Journal.

SmartPhones in the Classroom
This site is a wiki created by Roxann Nys that provides many great instructional ideas and links for using cell phones in the classroom.

Kicking off the School Year with Cell Phones
This blog shares some ideas as to managing cell phones in a classroom.